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Qmunity   GAYS  Policies

As Qmunity Gays deals with issues surrounding sexuality within LGBT+ people, it is important to note that the privacy of the individual members should be upheld at all costs. This is mainly important in details collected for membership, as well as any promotional purposes. 

Qmunity Gays collects personal details from individuals who are deciding to become members of, or volunteer with, the organisation. Qmunity Gays also collects details of those wishing to participate in its projects or events. The organisation acknowledges that as its core responsibility is towards supporting LGBT+ people, who are a marginalized and at risk demographic, there are inherent dangers about storing personal details. The organisation is committed to protecting the privacy of personal information it collects, holds and administers. 

Qmunity Gays recognises the right of individuals to have their information administered in ways they would reasonably expect. 

Qmunity Gays is bound by laws which impose specific obligations when it comes to handling information. 

Qmunity Gays will: 

• Collect only information which the organisation requires for its primary function; 

• Ensure that stakeholders are informed as to why we collect the information and how we administer the information gathered; 

• Use and disclose personal information only for our primary functions or a directly related purpose, or for another purpose with the person’s consent; 

• Store personal information securely, protecting it from unauthorised access; and 

• Provide stakeholders with access to their own information, and the right to seek its correction. 



Qmunity Gays is responsible for managing its assets, including its intellectual assets in a way that maximises their contribution to the goals of the organisation. Subject to these responsibilities, Qmunity Gays is committed to the widest possible dissemination of its ideas and findings where these may assist others. Conversely, Qmunity Gays is to ensure that copyright law is to be followed by all active members, across platforms, roles, and actions. 

Executive Members of Qmunity Gays are expected to sign Qmunity Gays’s Intellectual Property agreement in relation to their work with Qmunity Gays. 


Production of Copyright Material 

Material created by staff, including volunteers, of Qmunity Gays entirely on their personal time and not involving the use of the organisation’s facilities or materials shall be the property of the creator. An individual's "personal time" shall mean time other than that for which they receive salary (in the case of staff) or perform assigned functions (in the case of volunteers). 

Staff or volunteers who claim that material was made or created on personal time have the onus of demonstrating this proposition. Staff engaged in work during personal time where later confusion may possibly occur are encouraged to discuss this with their supervisor/operational mentor. 

With the exception of material created on personal time, all materials that result from activities carried out at Qmunity Gays, or staff, or developed through funds administered by Qmunity Gays, shall be the property of Qmunity Gays ""except by specific prior written agreement."" Works by independent contractors shall be owned in accordance with the contract under which the work was created. Qmunity Gays shall ensure that there is a written contract for work by an independent contractor specifying ownership. ""If work is created for Qmunity Gays under a pro bono arrangement this work will be treated as that of a volunteer unless otherwise specified. 

Any dispute between Qmunity Gays and its staff or volunteers, or between staff or between volunteers, on issues of copyright ownership shall be determined by the organisation’s dispute resolution procedures. 

Use of Copyright Material 

Staff and volunteers of Qmunity Gays are required to observe all applicable copyright laws and regulations. 

This includes the use of images.  

Copyright on Qmunity Gays Materials  

All materials produced by or on behalf of Qmunity Gays are copyright. Permission to reproduce such materials depends on the category into which they fall. 

All materials produced by or on behalf of Qmunity Gays will be classified by the board into one of the following classes. 


1. Those materials that are copyright and that cannot be reproduced by any process other than for the purposes of and subject to the provisions of the Copyright Act and any licensing agreement between the user and ‘Qmunity Gays’.  

2. Those materials that are copyright and that may nonetheless be circulated and/or reproduced as long as any reproduction features specified credits and disclaimers. 

3. Those materials that are copyright and that may nonetheless be reproduced without conditions.  

4. Those materials that are not copyright. 

The copyright policies of Qmunity Gays are binding on all staff, whether paid or voluntary. The copyright policies of Qmunity Gays, as amended from time to time, shall be deemed to be a part of the conditions of employment of every employee and shall be included in the orientation material given to every volunteer.  

 Social media policy 

As the most prominent form of communication in the 21st Century so far, and the core method of communication for Qmunity Gays and its stakeholders, it is important to discuss and implement consistent policy regarding Social Media Communication that is conducive to furthering the work of Qmunity Gays. 

As a particularly fluid form of media it is important that this policy is constantly reviewed and revised. Any revision must be able to be interpreted across Medias. Shall be carried out in a way so that the future of Qmunity Gays is not jeopardised. 

Social Media, which includes, but is not exclusive to:  

• Twitter 

• Facebook  

• Instagram 

• Tumblr 

• Google+ 

• WordPress/Blogger 

• YouTube/Vimeo 

• iTunes/Podcasting 

 This can be highlighted in a few core values:  

  1. Integrity: Qmunity Gays will not knowingly post incorrect, defamatory or misleading information about its work, the work of others, including individuals, and organisation. It will ensure to follow the ‘Privacy’ & ‘Copyright’ policies of the organisation. 

  1. Professionalism and consistency: As the social media presence of Wear It Purple through its official channels represents the organisation itself, it should ensure posts are delivered in a uniform tone, that is, the impression is of the organisation, not of the individuals within it. 

  1. Safety: Should the particular social media site allow it, Qmunity Gays should endeavor to outline rules and regulations for commenting and engagement. These rules being: 

  • Discriminatory behaviour will not be tolerated within this (page/account/ etc). 

  • Antisocial behaviour or bullying will not be accepted. 

  • Any engagement that is found to be within these categories will be deleted. 

  1. Accessibility: Any engagement (comments, posts, etc) with Social Media shall ensure to be non-discriminatory (sex, gender, sexuality, ability, age, race, etc). Should there be any engagement that is to be posted, that the poster believes to be controversial, they should raise it with the Operations Officer to assure of suitability. If the Operations Officer is also uncertain, this can be raised with a member of the board. 

  1. Sensitivity and respect: Recognising that people have varied experiences, all posts must be sensitive to any potentially “triggering” statements, images, or implications. Anything that may risk this should be clearly labelled as such at the start of any post. 

  1. Insightful: Anything uploaded should be explainable as to why it has been uploaded and what relevant message it provides. 
    Qmunity Gays should seek to grow its social media base and use this to engage with existing and potential members, donors and stakeholders. Qmunity Gays’s social media networks – including other organizations and ‘pages’ – should be utilized to further the organisation’s aims or projects, where it is appropriate to do so. At the same time, a professional balance must be struck which avoids placing the organisation’s reputation at risk.  
    As Qmunity Gays grows in size and awareness, there will be increasing contact with media outlets an public occasions. As such the organisation has outlined processes for who can speak to the media as a representative of the organisation. 
    A healthy, safe and productive environment is the responsibility of all volunteers and staff at Qmunity Gays. For this reason Qmunity Gays expects that all participants will behave in a way consistent with the following guidelines. 

  1. Communication is to be respectful and courteous with team members and the public 

  1. Obligations taken on are to be performed diligently, honestly and in a timely manner 

  1. Any personal information disclosed in a team environment which is of a confidential nature is to be respected and not used for gossip 

  1. Respect is to be given toward any person’s sex, sexuality and or gender identity, recognising that each person is different, and that these differences are to be celebrated 

  1. Mindfulness of appropriate personal space (physically, emotionally and psychologically) is to be adhered to 

  1. Relationships are to be kept professional amongst team members, including mindful behaviour regarding inappropriate sexual references or humour. 

  1. Conduct is to be kept professional in the presence of others if a personal relationship arises between team members 

  1. Individual and varying strengths of team members are to be respected 

  1. Illicit drugs are not to be consumed at Qmunity Gays events 

  1. Alcohol is not to be consumed at a Qmunity Gays event where those under 18 are present, out of respect for these young people 

  1. Team members are to be mindful of one another and look out for the safety of their peers 

  1. Worrying, offensive or harassing behaviour is to be made known to an appropriate team member of Qmunity Gays so that the environment at Qmunity Gays can be kept safe and supportive 

  1. Any property of Qmunity Gays or others is to be treated with respect and due care 

  1. Any venue where Qmunity Gays may be holding or participating in an event is to be left in as good a state as when the team arrived 
    Qmunity Gays values and encourages diversity in all its forms. 
    Qmunity Gays respects individual choice and individual differences. 
    Qmunity Gays recognizes that diversity is evident in many ways, and does not discriminate, but celebrates diversity in all of its forms; this age, gender, gender identity, preferred pronouns, intersex status, sexual orientation, parental or marital status, diverse abilities, religion, colour, race, ethnic or national origins or socioeconomic background. 
    Qmunity Gays recognizes that experiences of diversity are different for many individuals and that these experiences are to be treated with respect. 
    Qmunity Gays recognizes the strength, creativity and achievements of young people and sees age as no barrier to enacting change in the world. 
    With this in mind, Qmunity Gays expects and encourages all people involved to treat one another with respect and courtesy, and aims to embody these values in its programs, policies and procedures. 
     In the course of volunteering or working with Qmunity Gays (“QFC”) you may have access to information that is either confidential or belongs to QFC, and intellectual property which is of value to QFC. You may also create (alone or with others) information or intellectual property that is either confidential, or which QFC would seek ownership over as it contributes to and is of value to QFC’s work and future as an organisation. This makes your position one of trust and confidence.  
    QFC has a need to protect the disclosure of this information and the ownership of intellectual property, to fulfill its mission for young people, maintain sponsors and to develop and maintain new or unique relationships, products and processes for the future of QFC.  
     Therefore, QFC requires all volunteers to agree to the following. 
    “Confidential Information” includes but is not limited to:  
    i) All information not generally known outside of QFC about QFC and its activities, finances, personnel, sponsors or operations, regardless of the form of this information (written, oral, digital etc.) and regardless of whether the information originates from QFC or someone acting on  
    QFC’s behalf. 
    ii) Confidential Information includes processes, know how, techniques, project results and research that may arise in the context of work with QFC. 
    “Intellectual Property” includes but is not limited to:  
    i) All inventions, processes, ideas, research and development activities, designs (including improvements and enhancements), trade secrets and know how; 
    ii) All copyrightable material that is conceived, developed or made, alone or with others; 
    iii) Trademarks and service marks; created in the course of volunteer service with Qmunity Gays (i.e. working in a QFC role or on a QFC project); and created within one year after finishing volunteer service and relating directly to work done during volunteer service.   
    Intellectual property can be in any form, including written, oral, electronic, digital or other form.  
    1. Confidentiality: Except as required in the performance of my duties as a volunteer, or unless specifically authorised by Qmunity Gays, I will not use tell others, either for my or for others’ benefit, either during or after volunteer service, any confidential information. 
    2. Disclosure and Ownership of Intellectual Property:  
    i) I will quickly and fully tell QFC about any Intellectual Property; 
    ii) I agree that all Intellectual Property will be owned by QFC and I give QFC the entire right and interest in all Intellectual Property; 
    iii) I will assist Qmunity Gays in establishing the right to this Intellectual  
    Property, either during or after my volunteer service, should this be necessary. 
    3. Ownership and Return of Material:   
    Whether confidential or not, all materials, including but not limited to business information, files, research, records, memoranda, books, lists, documents, drawings, designs and any other embodiment of Confidential Information or Intellectual Property received by me or created by me (alone or with others) during Volunteer Service, are the property of QFC.  
    I will return to QFC all of these materials, including any copies, in my possession or under my control on termination of Volunteer Service or on the request of QFC. I will return these within seven (7) days of notice of termination or on request of QFC, whichever is first. 
    4. Survival of Obligations and Enforcement: The obligations that I have under this agreement will survive the termination of volunteer service, regardless of why this service ended.  
    By agreeing to this statement, I agree to these restrictions as being necessary to protect the legitimate interests of Qmunity Gays. 
    A healthy work environment is everyone’s responsibility and Qmunity Gays seeks to work with staff, volunteers and participants to ensure the health and safety of all are maintained. Qmunity Gays is currently a volunteer association (ie without paid workers) and as such does not have work health and safety (WHS) duties for its volunteers under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 (WHS Act) as the organisation is not considered a ‘person conducting a business or undertaking' (PCBU). However, the organisation seeks to ensure good practice is implemented and maintained for when the organisation is able to employ staff. 
    Management Commitment  
    Qmunity Gays’s Board has a commitment to keeping the workplace safe, ensuring that the organisation fulfills its health and safety obligations under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 and ensuring that due diligence is applied. 
    Consultation provides an opportunity to share relevant information and participate in meaningful discussion on work health and safety matters which can assist to achieve safer and healthier workplaces. 
    Due to no staff being employed by the organisation, the consultation process to be used at Qmunity Gays has yet to be set up and but could include:  
    • Workers choosing to elect a health and safety representative (HSR).  
    • a health and safety committee if requested by an HSR or by five or more workers, having another type of arrangement agreed by the workers 
    Management of Risk  
    The essential elements of due diligence for an officer are interrelated and cumulative in nature. These elements require an officer: 
    • to acquire and keep up to date knowledge of work health and safety matters  
    • to gain an understanding of the operations of the business and the hazards and risks involved 
    • to ensure appropriate resources and processes are provided to enable hazards to be identified and risks to be eliminated or minimised 
    • to ensure information regarding incidents, hazards and risks is received and the information is responded to in a timely way 
    • to ensure the PCBU has, and implements, processes for complying with any legal duty or obligation 
    • to ensure processes are verified, monitored and reviewed. 
    Managing risks to health and safety is critical to ensuring a workplace is safe.  
    Risk management is a legal requirement for all business regardless of their size. As a useful guide Qmunity Gays and its employees and volunteers should: 
    a) identify any reasonably foreseeable hazards 
    b) eliminate those hazards so far as is reasonably practicable 
    c) if it is not reasonably practicable to eliminate the risk, then action must be taken to minimise that risk so far as is reasonably practicable 
    d) refer hazard identification to a supervisor or team leader if further action or assistance is required 
    e) implement control measures to eliminate risk If referral or reporting of hazard is required the person reporting the hazard should address the questions below when reporting it: 

  • What hazard exists? 

  • How serious is the hazard? 

  • How likely is it that this hazard will cause injury/illness? 

  • Who may this hazard effect? 

  • What can be done to control this hazard effectively? 

Risk assessments are required to be completed prior to Qmunity Gays events being conducted, as part of the planning process. This will include first aid and emergency plans and must be signed off by an appropriate officer of the organisation. An Event Planning Checklist and Risk Assessment (to be completed prior to any event, and signed off by the Officer) will be made available to any QFC member running an event. 

Training and instruction  

Suitable and adequate information, training and instruction, which is easily understood and necessary, should be provided to all workers and/or volunteers by Qmunity Gays. 

Induction training  

Induction training will be provided when a worker first starts at Qmunity Gays. As relevant, this should cover information and instructions on: 

• emergency procedures 

• amenity facilities 

• first aid 

• how to report a hazard or other safety issues 

• how work health and safety is managed in the workplace 

• the health and safety procedures and policies required for their tasks  

The information, training and instruction provided to each worker relates to the:  

• nature of the work carried out by the worker 

• nature of the risks associated with the work at the time the information, training or instruction is provided 

• implemented control measures. 

Reporting Safety  

All incidents, near misses, or injuries that occur in the workplace need to be recorded and reported to the secretary of QFC and placed the register of injuries. 

Qmunity Gays is required to keep a register of injuries for those workers who are injured while performing work tasks. Each worker is required to enter their injury into the register of injuries. In the absence of a physical workplace & book register Qmunity Gays has deemed that this is to be completed online through Google Documents by the link provided through the secretary of the board: 

Please notify your supervisor or the responsible officer as soon as possible after injury, in order that obligations to inform the insurer if necessary can be fulfilled within 48 hours. 

When the following serious incidents (known as notifiable incidents) occur, they must be immediately reported to WorkCover and to Qmunity Gays’s Insurer in the timeframes provided in the table below: 

Notifiable incidents Report to: Timeframe 

Serious incidents involving a death (fatality) or a serious injury or illness 

WorkCover T 13 10 50 and Scheme Agent/Insurer Immediately Within 48 hrs 

Serious incidents involving injury or illness to non-workers at your workplace  

WorkCover T 13 10 50 Immediately 

Other incidents involving an injury or illness where workers compensation is payable 

Scheme Agent/Insurer Within 48hrs 

Return to Work and workers compensation 

Given that Qmunity Gays does not currently employee workers there is no current workers compensation insurance policy, and or a return to work program. Should this change in the future Qmunity Gays is committed to addressing these requirements to ensure that workers receive the appropriate treatment and benefits, including assistance in returning to their normal duties in the event of a workplace injury or illness.